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It's True.
 Resume for Job Search
The Resume is your single most important document and marketing tool.
The Resume will determine whether you will get the call  for the Interview, and it is your  First Introduction to the Hiring Manager. 
A professionally written resume is not for everyone.
 It’s a vital tool used by individuals who want to target a Career, not a;
Keep in mind that the Resume;
       Is a Selling Tool that outlines your skills and experiences so that an employer can see, at a glance, how you can contribute to the goals of the company.
      Is a Professional Introduction meant to encourage a one-on-one interview situation and an opportunity for communication that can lead to an offer of employment.
       Has to sell you in short order.
 While you may have all the requirements for a particular position, your resume is a failure if the employer does not instantly come to the conclusion that you;
                                                       "Have What It Takes."
 *The first hurdle your resume has to pass—is whether it ends up in the "consider file"
or the "reject file"
—and the time it takes to prove it will take less than thirty seconds.
 Even if your qualifications are not the greatest, a well-designed Resume WILL get you the interview.
If written well, your resumes first impression will be a positive one!
It will offer the reader a sense of your "fit" for the position with the company.
If written really well, it may convince the hiring manager that you are the person most ideally
suited for the job.
 When coupled with an effective cover letter, the resume is your
strongest marketing tool.
The Resume is your FIRST INTRODUCTION to the Hiring Manager and Your New Career.
This is serious business.
 Have you ever considered the financial value of your resume?
    We spend over one-half of our adult lives working, but the process of writing a resume or looking for a job is given little importance.

     Most career seekers don't have any idea that resumes play such a critical role and have such a dramatic impact on  $alary offers!  
 AND in most instances (check with your tax adviser) Resume Writing Services are
TAX DEDUCTIBLE, so having a
Professionally Written Resume is FREE!
     Because most of us don't realize the financial value of our resume,
we don't treat them seriously.
     Yet we spend years;
  -Developing our careers,
   -Fighting for promotions, or working towards completing our
college degrees.
                                                                     AND THEN...

     We spend only 1-2 hours creating a resume to market the skills we've spent years and years developing--and that doesn't make any sense!
     *Most of us have been taught that a resume should list the type of job we want, the jobs we've held and our education--so it seems a simple process.
*Yet, in today's job market employers receive 100 to 400 resumes, or more, for each position they advertise.
Do you think this Nations TOP Executives
have written their own resumes?
   To compete as a Top Candidate, your resume must;


     An "Old Style resume just doesn’t cut it
in today's job market.
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